Italy, August 1981

During the hot August of 1981 Mum and I went on a two week holiday to the Amalfi Coast, not particularly good timing as Karen had given birth to my niece Kelly only two week’s prior. She remained at home with Dad as Mum and I made very good use of our time, visiting Rome, Capri, Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius, Positano, Salerno and many of the other beautiful coastal towns in that region. We had a ball, a very good time both day and night, wandering around the mountain road above the sea as the sun went down, finding places to eat, drink and socialise. It was great being on holiday with Mum, and for a decent period of time. Mornings were spent up in the hills behind the hotel, walking through lemon groves and resting under pine trees as it was scorchingly hot by 10.00am most days. As great as it was I never went anywhere hot during the peak of summer again.


Diary entry 21st August 1981:


‘We woke up early today as we had booked the boat over to Capri. What an amazing place, so beautiful. Augustus Gardens at the very top is incredible, i’ve never seen such exotic flowers. We took a ski lift to the very top of the mountain and the view was breathtaking, and later in the afternoon we visited the Blue Grotto which Mum and I loved more than anything else. We had to lie flat on our backs on this skinny boat in order to pass through the cave to the inside. I was in a bit of a panic with claustrophobia but couldn’t come back out once we had started. During the summer months the light shines through a small gap and creates the intense blue glow in the water. Wish we had something like that back in England! The driver who took us from the port in Amalfi back to the hotel was really sexy – his name’s Getano and i’ve already got a crush on him. Might just have to try and make it obvious without Mum noticing.’

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